Monday, November 12, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Monday's have a whole new meaning to me these days. Monday's are our stay-at-home-recover-from-the-weekend day...and I am so thankful for a rainy day :)

This past weekend, our friends Mark and Kristy got married! Collin was a groomsmen and Annabelle was one of the flower girls :) 

We headed up to Gainesville Friday afternoon...we got checked into the hotel, then headed to the rehearsal {ma-hearsal as Annabelle would say}. Everything went well, so it didn't take long at all.
After the rehearsal, we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom YUM! All the Mellow Mushroom's around us have closed, so it was a treat.

I was so nervous about all 4 of us sleeping in one room {and one bed}, but our night went very well!
We actually slept in a bit. 

We had breakfast, then it was time to get ready for the wedding! Annabelle looked darling!

It was exhausting keeping Annabelle happy and cooperating, while also doing the same for Max. But we survived, and Annabelle did a wonderful job! 

And Collin didn't do too bad either :)

The reception was beautiful! But we were glad when it was time to go home :)

Sunday, after church...I had a Thirty-one party, while Collin took the kids home. I made it home just in time for Home group.

We are SO SO excited about Grandma {GG} coming in tomorrow! We have lots planned for her :)