Monday, April 29, 2013

Max @ 8 & 9 months

Y'all! Where has the first half of the year gone?! I feel like every time I turn around, a new week has begun.
We have been crazy 'round here...Disney world, flu, birthday parties, wedding showers, baby shower, weddings. I am loving this sweet, sweet season of our life right now!

8 Months

  • We went to Disney World! He will never remember it, and it was crazy...but, so thankful for the sweet memories!
  • He got the flu :( He wasn't able to take Tamiflu {he would get sick everytime he took it}, but recovered great and fast!
  • He has 4 teeth!
  • Started army crawling!
  • Wearing 6-9, 9 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

9 Months
  • Still army crawling, with a little bit of pulling up mixed in! He keeps us on our toes!
  • Has 6 teeth! They are so cute!
  • I spent 3 nights away from him, and he did so good taking a bottle!
  • And of course while I was gone, he started sleeping through the night!
  • Wearing 6-9, 9 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Max @ 7 months

  • Has been riding is a buggy for a little bit.
  • Loves the swing at the park.
  • Celebrated his first Valentine's day! Poor guy didn't get any cupcakes though...
  • Started a breakfast on February 24.
  • Took his first wagon rider on February 24.
  • Moved to a convertible car seat on February 27.
  • Schedule:
    • Wake up at 8, nurse
    • Breakfast at 8:30-9
    • Nap at 10
    • Wake up at 12, nurse
    • Nap at 2
    • Wake up at 4, nurse
    • Dinner at 5:30-6
    • Nurse at 8
    • Bed at 8:30
    • He usually eats around 2 times a night.
  • Wearing 6-9, 9 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Annabelle @ 4 Years

  • She no longer goes to "school" during the day. As of October 8, she stays home with me :)
  • Some of her favorite things to do:
    • Paint
    • Play with play dough
    • Bake
    • Color
  • Favorite Shows/Movies:
    • Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
    • Clifford the Big Red Dog
    • SuperWhy?
    • Word Girl
    • High School Musical 2
  • Loves to sing! We listen to Pandora a lot during the day :)
  • Loves Gymnastics! She took a class at the Rec Center. We start ballet tomorrow.
  • Friends:
    • Weston
    • Tayler
    • Livi
    • Kaitlyn
  • Moved up to a booster seat on January 15th.
  • Has stopped taking naps.
  • She is the sweetest big sister! She loves to make Max smile, and loves to hold him.
  • Wears size 5T or 5 clothes and size 10 shoe.

Questions for Annabelle:
  1. What is you favorite color? Purple
  2. What is your favorite toy? Horse
  3. What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries
  4. What is your favorite TV show? Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood 
  5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Nuggets 
  6. What is your favorite outfit? T-shirt
  7. What is your favorite game? Endless ABC's
  8. What is you favorite snack? Cheese Crackers (Cheez-its}
  9. What is your favorite animal? Tiger
  10. What is your favorite song? Anything by The Fresh Beat Band
  11. What is your favorite book? Dora
  12. Who is your best friend? Kaitlyn
  13. What is your favorite cereal? N/A
  14. What is you favorite thing to do outside? PLay chalk
  15. What is you favorite drink? Chocolate milk
  16. What is your favorite Holiday? Easter
  17. What do you like to take to bed with you at night? Bunny Bunny
  18. What is you favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Biscuts
  19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Banana
  20. What do you want to be when you grow up? Annabelle

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I always want to remember these little {yet, hilarious!} things Annabelle says!

After Annabelle used the potty, I told her to wash her hands, then...
Me: Annabelle, clean your room.
Annabelle: I can't, I just washed my hands!

Annabelle had her finger in her mouth...
Me: Annabelle, what are you doing?
Annabelle: Scratching my teeth.

After anytime I tell Annabelle no...
Annabelle: Oh come on man! Give me a chance!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Max @ 6 months

First of all...I CANNOT believe Max is 6 months old! We had a rough first couple of months, but this little boy is pure joy!! He loves his daddy and he loves his momma...but he LOVES his sister {and the feeling is mutual}!

  • Max celebrated his first New Year's!
  • He started sitting up by his self on January 1st.
  • He started solid foods on January 11th.
    • Sweet potatoes
    • Green beans {not a fan}
    • Bananas
    • Apples
    • Pears
  • He got his first tooth on January 17th.
  • And he got his second tooth on January 18th.
  • He has gotten on a great schedule!
    • Wake up around 8
    • Eat at 9
    • Nap at 10:30
    • Eat at noon
    • Nap at 1:30
    • Eat at 3
    • Maybe Nap at 5
    • Eat at 5:30, followed by solids
    • Eat at 8
    • Bed at 8:30
    • Usually Eat at 2
  • Wearing 6-9, 9 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Max @ 5 months

  • Rolled back to belly on December 2!
  • Celebrated his first Christmas...Santa was pretty good to him :)
  • Take 3 naps.
  • Eats every 3 hours, but has gone 8 hours at night!
  • As of December 3: 16 pounds, 8 ounces, 27 inches.
  • Wearing 3-6, 6 month clothing and a size 3 diaper.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Finding time to blog lately has been...not easy :) I am enjoying this sweet, sweet season of my life...but it doesn't leave much time for computer time.

My grandmother came in town November 13 and left last Thursday. We love visits from Gma {GG to the kids}, but it is a whirlwind! We try to spend as much time with her as possible, and Annabelle just adores her GG :)

We spend Thanksgiving in Georgia this year, which was odd...but nice.

Annabelle started her gymnastics class last Tuesday and is LOVING it!

We traveled down to Jacksonville this past Thursday and got back home yesterday. We had a great visit with Grandma and Granddad Waddington.

And other than that, we've just been doing a bunch of this:
Max & Paisley

Photography by Annabelle

We love when friends come over!

Sweet, sweet babies :)

Sweet, sweet babies...take 2

Drool monster

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Max @ 4 months

  • Max has become a happy baby this month! I know that sounds awful...but it was a little rough :)
  • He met his GG Shipman! I think they both are pretty fond of each other.
  • Did lots of rolling around! Working on back to belly.
  • Takes 3 naps.
  • Eats every 3 hours, but went 7 hours one night!
  • Wearing 3-6, 6 month clothing and a size 2 diaper.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Whirlwind Wedding Weekend

Monday's have a whole new meaning to me these days. Monday's are our stay-at-home-recover-from-the-weekend day...and I am so thankful for a rainy day :)

This past weekend, our friends Mark and Kristy got married! Collin was a groomsmen and Annabelle was one of the flower girls :) 

We headed up to Gainesville Friday afternoon...we got checked into the hotel, then headed to the rehearsal {ma-hearsal as Annabelle would say}. Everything went well, so it didn't take long at all.
After the rehearsal, we had dinner at Mellow Mushroom YUM! All the Mellow Mushroom's around us have closed, so it was a treat.

I was so nervous about all 4 of us sleeping in one room {and one bed}, but our night went very well!
We actually slept in a bit. 

We had breakfast, then it was time to get ready for the wedding! Annabelle looked darling!

It was exhausting keeping Annabelle happy and cooperating, while also doing the same for Max. But we survived, and Annabelle did a wonderful job! 

And Collin didn't do too bad either :)

The reception was beautiful! But we were glad when it was time to go home :)

Sunday, after church...I had a Thirty-one party, while Collin took the kids home. I made it home just in time for Home group.

We are SO SO excited about Grandma {GG} coming in tomorrow! We have lots planned for her :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween Weekend

The weekend before Halloween is always a busy one for us. We have Trick or Treating at The Mill, usually the Florida/Georgia game is on, and this year we had family pictures and threw a shower in too!

Friday, Collin took of work...because I thought I was going to have a procedure done, but ended up not. It was nice to have a family day. We ended up getting Collin a new phone and having a night in.

Saturday morning, we had a quiet morning. We had a mini photo shoot planned for 11, played for a bit at the park, and came home before we left to trick or treat. Collin helped set up for a couples shower for our friends, and watched the game, while I took the kids and met my parents, Collin's mom, and Carson, Laurice, and Weston! The kids were SO CUTE! I wish I would have gotten a picture of all three of them!
The Rumble's

Bam Bam snuggling Uncle

It was so crowded, we only made it through 2 rows, before we called it quits.

After Trick or Treating, Debbie took the kids...while Collin and I attended a couple's shower. At 6:30, Debbie called and asked me where Max's milk was. The milk I sent had leaked out, and he had nothing :(
Luckily, I was only 20 minutes away and was able to nurse him. I brought him back to the shower while Annabelle got to spend the night with her nana and pawpaw.

Saturday, Collin and I also celebrated 5 years of marriage! Loved getting to spend the day with our little family, and can't wait to celebrate together next weekend!

Sunday, after church, we had lunch at Debbie's. She made a big pot of soup, while we all brought snacks and desserts. The kids were so funny and bit rowdy...but mainly funny :)

We made it home just in time for our friends to show up for Home Group. and ended the day folding some clothes and eating Halloween candy :)