Monday, February 21, 2011

Birthday Party!

It was the party that almost wasn't.
Annabelle woke up Thursday around 10:30 pm vomiting. And we didn't get any sleep till around 3 Friday morning. Praise the Lord Annabelle was feeling a bit better Friday and wasn't sick anymore, but was exhausted (and so were Collin and I)! My plan for Friday was to run all my errands while Annabelle was in school, but she and I stayed inside and slept, and I did a little bit of cleaning. Once Collin got home I left to get last minute things for the party.

Saturday morning Collin's dad came over to give Annabelle her gift, and they played for a bit before he had to go. Annabelle went down for an early nap and Collin and I left to go set up, while my parents stayed with Annabelle.
The party was a blast! The kids loved to room and the activities. After food, zebra cakes, and presents...the party planners brought out the mat and the kiddos were doing flips, rolls, and hops. Then the trampoline was pulled out, then the tunnel, and finally the parachute. After that we danced and played freeze dance.
And before everyone left, the kids got child got 2 sleeves :)
That night we had a cookout with friends...and ended with a camp fire in the back yard!
Annabelle was so tired, about 7:30 she asked to go night night :)

Sunday, was church, then we picked up some lunch and headed to Mom and Dad's for Allen and Whitney's birthday Low County Boil...yum! It was a beautiful to be outside!

I have a super duper busy week at work and I'm looking forward to having a family dinner on Wednesday on Annabelle's birthday! And throwing a shower for Abi on Sunday!

Enjoy pictures from the party!


Reese Ray said...

Oh I love all the party pics! SO SWEET!!! We had so much fun with yall Saturday!! :-)